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OFFICIAL NAME: Eesti Vabariik
GEOGRAPHIC COORDINATES: Lat. 60°-58° N / Long. 22°-28° E
MAIN CITIES: Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu, Narva
SURFACE: 45.227 kmq
POPULATION: 1.340.000 (2010)
DENSITY: 30 inhabitants per kmq
FORM OF GOVERNMENT: Parliamentary Republic
MEMBER OF: Counsil of Europe, NATO, ONU, OSCE, UE, WTO
TIME ZONE: UTC+2 (one hour ahead than Italy)
TLA: .ee
NATIONAL FEASTS:  January 1st, February 24th (Indipendence), Easter (March or April), May 1st, June 23st (Victory Day), June 24th (St. John), November 1st (All Saints), December 25th (Christmas), 26th (St. Stephen)

DOCUMENTS: UE citizens need ID Card or passport. For stays longer than 90 days, it is necessary a visa.

CURRENCY: Before January 1st, 2011 Estonian local currency was Estonian Kroon (EEK). There were  1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 500 EEK bank notes, and 5, 10, 20 e 50 cents coins. Since January 1st, 2011, Estonia has adopted Euro.

CUSTOMS RULES: there are the same limits and rules adopted in all other European countries. For more detailed information: www.emta.ee.

HEALTH: For little health problems it is possible to address to pharmacies (Apteek). To call hospital you must dial 112. Emergencies are free. If hospitalized, it is necessary to pay a "ticket" that your Italian ASL will refund when you come back to Italy. It is only necessary to show the "Carta Nazionale dei Servizi". Medical and paramedical staff have a good knowledge of English language.

POSTAL SERVICE: Efficient service characterized by quicker times than Italian ones. 

PHONE: To call Italy from Estonia it is necessary the +39 code, to call Estonia the +372 code. All around the country there is a good mobile phone coverage.

INTERNET: Estonia is one of the most computerized countries in the world. It is really easy to access web thanks to WI-FI connection which is spread not only in the Capital but all throughout the country. There are many Internet points and almost each hotel offers internet connection  (often WI-FI connection). Those who have not a portable computer can use computers that the hotels themselves offer their customers. They are usually located in the halls. For more detailed information on WI-FI coverage in Estonia: www.wifi.ee

MASS MEDIA: The English weekly Baltic Times offers a complete view on the most important news concerning the Baltic area. It is possible to find interesting tourist information in the free press newspaper Tallinn in your Pocket that can be found almost everywhere in the city. Estonian public television (Eesti Televisioon ETV) broadcasts news bulletins in Estonian language and movies in original language with subtitles. Television sets in Estonian hotels are provided with satellite, thus offering a wide television offer including the main European and American channels (also Rai).

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS: 112, Ambulance. 110, Police. In Tallinn there is also a first aid phone service in English: 6971145.

WHEN TO VISIT ESTONIA: Climate, hours of light and landscape are very different according to the seasons. During the winter (from November to March, from a climatic viewpoint) landscape is often snowy and there are few hours of light. Cities - especially Tallinn - are characterized by a typical northern atmosphere. Summer (from June to August) offers very long days, characterized by mild climate and a rich offer of open air events. During this period a visit to Parnu is absolutely advised. Intermediate seasons are umpredictable from a climatic viewpoint. Maybe, May and September are better from this point of view.

TOURIST OFFICES: Tallinn (Old Town), Niguliste,2. Port: Terminal A. Monday-Friday from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. On Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm. www.tourism.tallinn.ee.

ITALIAN EMBASSY TALLINN:   Vene,2- 10123 Tallinn. Phone 6276160- Fax 6311370- E-mail: italemb@italembtallinn.ee - Website: www.italembtallinn.ee
BANKS: Monday-Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. Some banks are open on Saturday morning.

CREDIT CARDS: Main internationl credit cards are accepted almost everywhere (Visa, American Express, Master Card).

ELECTRICITY: 220 volt. Adapters are not necessary.

DRIVING LICENCE: Italian Driving Licence. To run into Tallinn' Old Town it is necessary a permission.



Tallinn, the capital of the Republic of Estonia, is a city with distinctly medieval features.


Tartu is a university town crossed by the Emajogi River located in the south-eastern part of the country.


The city owes its name to the homonymous river running through it before flooding in the Baltic Sea.


Capital of Finland, Helsinki is a city of small, strategically placed between East and West.