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It is quite  different from a “simple” restaurant. Characterized by a medieval atmosphere it is located in the heart of Medieval Tallinn. Waiters in period costumes, suffused candle light, tastes belonging to a refined but not elaborated cuisine make Olde Hansa a unique place, different from all the other restaurants. Olde Hansa offers its guests a rich and peculiar menu. Among the best dishes there are soups, pork and lamb. Beer is really excellent and better than wine.  

Holde Hansa

Recommended for dinner
Website: www.oldehansa.ee

It is very similar to Olde Hansa. In spite of this, it is characterized by some important differences from a gastronomic viewpoint. Pig's knuckle prepared according to an ancient recipe is really good. Among the best dishes there are marinated mushrooms and applesauce salmon. Both beer and wine are excellent.


Recommended for dinner
Website: www.peppersack.ee

It is located on the north side of the central Town Hall Square. Its gastronomic offer is more current and less influenced by medieval tradition. 
Recommended for dinner
Website: www.kaerajaan.ee

It is located outside the Old Town city walls. Salmon and marinated eel are really excellent. On of the best dishes is jellied pork, which is also a national food. At lunch the restaurant includes serve-yourself buffets. 

Recommended for lunch
Website: www.eestimaja.ee

Beautiful in its elegant and suggestive atmosphere, it offers a high-quality Estonian cuisine. The restaurant is very careful with seasonal variations and offer its customers quite elaborate dishes. Baltic cheese constitute one of the most interesting appetizers. Rabbit and beef are the best meat dishes. The beverage menu is really excellent with particular regard to wine, including top French and Italian red wines. 

Recommended for dinner
Website: www.restoran-o.ee




Tallinn, the capital of the Republic of Estonia, is a city with distinctly medieval features.


Tartu is a university town crossed by the Emajogi River located in the south-eastern part of the country.


The city owes its name to the homonymous river running through it before flooding in the Baltic Sea.


Capital of Finland, Helsinki is a city of small, strategically placed between East and West.