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Where to sleep

Hotel Estonia

Estonian Hotel proposal is really good. In the last years there have been many changes from this viewpoint with the creation of famous international hotel groups that have placed side by side to the little restored hotels belonging to the Soviet period. In Tallinn, a double room in a good hotel costs between 100 and 200 € per night. 

Most of the hotels placed in the Old Town are high quality hotels. Here you can find the most attractive accommodations, with comfortable rooms inside wonderful restored buildings. In the Southern and Eastern area of the city it is possible to find cheaper solutions. The south-western area of Kristiine  offers the tourists many Bed & Breakfasts and cheap accommodations into hotels belonging to the Soviet era. Many hotels propose 3/4 nights packages for the week-end with reductions and special offers.  

In the other Estonian cities, hotel accommodation is obviously lower to Tallinn’s one. However standard quality is quite high. Thanks to its dominant touristic character, Pärnu provides a very remarkable range of accomodations, above all during the summer period. In Tartu, on the other hand, the range is slightly lower.

All over the country the cheapest accommodations are represented by private rooms rented by local people, hostels and Bed & Breakfasts, suitable for young and “unpretentious” persons. 

Like all Finland, Helsinki has a more standard proposal with great international hotel groups of high quality but quite expensive. In comparison with Tallinn (even more with the rest of Estonia) prices are not so different as they used to be some years ago. Thus, journeys to Finland are not so cheap as in past times anymore. Hostels represent a valid cheap alternative. 


Tallinn, the capital of the Republic of Estonia, is a city with distinctly medieval features.


Tartu is a university town crossed by the Emajogi River located in the south-eastern part of the country.


The city owes its name to the homonymous river running through it before flooding in the Baltic Sea.


Capital of Finland, Helsinki is a city of small, strategically placed between East and West.